• An introduction to energy

    An introduction to energy

    India! It taught me patience, it taught me strength and assertiveness, it taught me that I can’t trust everyone. It showed me such beauty in such difficult situations. It showed me a depth of history in a people I have never felt anywhere.

    It introduced me to a teacher, and he introduced me to the world of energy!


    So, what is energy? It is a system that we each have, and just like our cardiovascular system or nervous system, it has structure, centres, and a flow and direction of movement. If the heart isn’t working correctly, we have problems in the cardiovascular system which inturn can affect other systems such as our lungs, our brain etc. It is the same for our energy, if a centre or chakra isn’t working, it will affect the flow of the whole system and inturn affect others such as our physical body.


    Our energy is smart, intuitive and strong. And like our heart, it will continue to work for us without our conscious effort. However, we all want a healthy body, so we eat well, we run, exercise. We want healthy minds so we read, learn, listen and meditate. But what do you do for your energy system? The answer is that many of us without knowing it, are looking after this system through our conscious effort to look after the body and mind. Because all these systems, mind, body and energy, are connected, each affecting the other.


    So what can you do to specifically look after your energy?


    Meditation is a wonderful tool.   When we quiet our minds and relax the body we are able to begin to explore our energy. With consistent effort you can feel it, and you can feel where it needs attention.


    Sound and vibration are fabulous tools to help with the movement of energy.


    Breathing exercises or pranayama is one of the best ways to control, move and heal your energy system.


    Nature! Just get to the beach, dive in the ocean, walk in the bush and stand under a waterfall. Have you ever noticed how energised and revitalised you feel after doing these things? That is because it is one of the best ways to nurture your energy – the trees and plants around you hold a beautiful energy of their own and they give without taking.


    Energy Healing. Some of us need some extra help at times, and just like massage helps to relieve stress in the muscles, energy work from a trained and experienced professional can help guide your energy in the right direction.


    At Enrich we have a beautiful energy therapist or healer that will not only heal and revitalise your energy, but also give you tools and techniques for ongoing health and wellness.


    Please come in and see us soon to learn more.   This is a very basic introduction to energy and there is an immense amount to learn. I will be writing another blog, diving deeper into the conversation soon.


    Appointments available with Negin – 022 030 9366

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