• Stress and the health benefits of relaxation.

    Stress and the health benefits of relaxation.

    Stress is a stimulating response to external challenges. The kind of stress that enlivens you and helps you meet the demands of daily life, is good stress. When there is too much external stimulation however, the brain activates the fight or flight response. Commonly this response is triggered in non life threatening situations and this

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  • An introduction to energy

    An introduction to energy

    India! It taught me patience, it taught me strength and assertiveness, it taught me that I can’t trust everyone. It showed me such beauty in such difficult situations. It showed me a depth of history in a people I have never felt anywhere. It introduced me to a teacher, and he introduced me to the

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  • Enriching your life while enriching the lives of others.

    Enriching your life while enriching the lives of others.

    As part of our love and affinity for the health and wellbeing of all people across the globe a percentage of the total turnover of Enrich goes to Oxfam New Zealand.   I spent many hours researching the different New Zealand charities and Oxfam to me stood out as the best of the best, with

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  • Pregnancy Massage

    Pregnancy Massage

    Pregnancy – the beauty, the changes.   Pregnancy, what a glorious time in a woman’s life; a true miracle and blessing. Why after millions of years of women being pregnant and giving birth is it still such a wondrous miraculous experience?  For newly expectant mothers (and their partners) it is often as if they are the

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  • Headache Monster 3

    Headache Monster 3

    Entry 3 – Suboccipital Muscles.   For my last entry on headaches I will choose to talk about the Suboccipitals!! It’s all very exciting! I’ve chosen these because I can give you a wonderful technique to release them yourself.   First of all, where are they and what do they look like? The Suboccipitals are

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  • Headache Monster – Trapezius

    Headache Monster – Trapezius

     Entry 2 Trapezius Muscle Aptly named for its shape the Trapezius is a master of referred pain, leading you to believe the problem is in your temples and ears when actually the problem lies in your upper shoulders!   Trapezius is a broad flat muscle that covers the back of the neck and most of

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  • Headache Monsters!

    Headache Monsters!

    Over the next few days I will be identifying the 4 main headache monsters of the muscular system and teaching you safe ways to find relief. Sternocleidomastoid Muscle (SCM). Do not be deterred by the long-winded name! When I first began studying Anatomy in 2004 I too thought that our muscles sounded like a speciesRead more →
  • Body + Balance: Tips for de-stressing

    Body + Balance: Tips for de-stressing

    She's the epitome of a cliche, and a rather incredible one at that. Those entrusted with our health and wellbeing should most certainly be glowing and possessed of an inner calm. The fresh-faced Olivia van Lierop is all these things and more, having spent much of the past decade practising therapeutic and sports massage. AppealingRead more →