Therapist: Olivia Van Lierop BTSM

‘Currently unavailable as on maternity leave’

Hello and welcome to Enrich Massage Therapy. 

My name is Olivia. My qualifications in therapeutic massage, beauty and yoga along with my extensive international experience allow me to provide a truly unique experience tailored to each individual client. 

After completing a Bachelor of Therapeutic and Sports Massage in New Zealand, I trained and worked as a sports masseuse for a leading Australian clinic working with top Athletes.

Looking for further challenges I travelled to many beautiful parts of the world, completing my yoga teacher training in Bali and qualifying as a beauty therapist in London. As a sought after therapist I worked for a number of years as a private masseuse, beautician and yoga instructor on the most prestigious luxury yachts across the globe.

With the benefit of this unique experience, I have developed considerable knowledge in the importance of relaxation and pampering, forming my personal style to incorporate my remedial education with a graceful and flowing touch.

As a therapist, I aim to encourage your body’s natural healing process, restore balance and have each client leave the session feeling light and calm.


Therapist: Josip Lilić BNMT

Josip holds a Bachelor in Neuromuscular Therapy, a Diploma in Massage & Sports Therapy and a Diploma in Therapeutic Massage.

Josip uses neuromuscular techniques to treat a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries including TMJ (jaw) therapy. He is also trained in lymphatic drainage, oncology massage  & offers kinesiotaping for swelling and postural correction and dry needling for pain management. 

His passion is in sports, currently, he is working with numerous elite teams including The NZ Breakers, visiting NRL, Super 15 & Netball teams along with top international teams & tennis players. Constantly exposed to the high-intensity needs of professional sport and working under pressure has given him unique skills that are incorporated into every individual session to provide a superior therapeutic experience.

Specialising in sports injuries and chronic pain, Josip uses his extensive knowledge to introduce a specific treatment plan tailored to each individual targeting individuals who suffer from a range of musculoskeletal & biomechanical dysfunctions.

Josip believes in a holistic approach to client care and views the mind, body, and spirit as a whole, he is also registered with Massage NZ RMT 7 and Southern Cross Members can claim up to $400 for Remedial Massage Therapy per annum. Contact Josip for more details. 

It is a real pleasure to have this lovely, enthusiastic and kind human practising here with us at Enrich.